Friday, December 30, 2011

A Deal Breaker When It Comes To Your Relationships

"The Lord Jesus Christ claimed He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Lying is antithetical to God, to His truth, and to our Christian calling. To follow in His footsteps we must not lie either, even when it's difficult to be honest with others or with ourselves. Falling into the sin of dishonesty will destroy our relationship to the Lord and also to the people we associate with in our daily lives. Honesty is a reflection of one's inner character. A liar must hide his lies, a deception that's often not easy." ~From the book Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Lead With Integrity?

Here is your question: Why are you the one leading with integrity?

Why are you the honest one, weighing your decisions before acting, considering how your actions will affect your employees and co-workers? Why not lie to make a sale, sleep with your fan base, and use despicable language common to many business settings?

Here is your answer. Do what is right as a sacrifice to the Lord and trust the Lord. ~Psalm 4:5

As a leader with integrity, you know that although it's relentless work and sometimes not fun at all, you will do the right thing because ultimately, God has your back. It will pay off-both on paper, in your pocket, and tonight when you lay your head on the pillow to sleep. You know that sin is for a season, but those that do right by God, will enjoy the benefits for eternity. You know that you can trust God to take care of you when you call on him if you remain a leader of integrity.

Doing the right thing is a sacrifice but with that comes a trust in God that surpasses any momentary feel good in letting your standards slip. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength today while you sacrifice to do the right thing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

As a leader, you are responsible for the efforts of the led. You are also responsible to fill in the gaps of their life with knowledge, compassion, correction and affirmation. This is not for the weak of heart or the weak of faith. Being responsible for others is a daunting challenge. That is why great leaders are so hard to find. ~From the book Maximum Integrity